An unexpected alliance

Having been charged by Sir Ravd to investigate the caves in the valley as a favor to the Countess Belissica, the players returned to the Caves of Chaos. Bolstered by their last fight and the new equipment they were able to purchase at the Keep, they stride boldly into valley. The sharp eyes of the ranger spotted movement in the trees.

Kosich Keep
Civilization! -ish

After the fight with the goblin leader the party was exhausted. They withdrew from the dark valley and went to summon help from the soldiers at Kosich Keep. While making their way there, they realized something was wrong. There were a lot of tracks going to the Keep from the valley they had just left.

The Caves of Chaos

Realizing that they were the best equipped to rescue their fellow villagers (probably the only so equipped), they formed a loose band and began to track the goblins South.

Attack on Atelsa
And so it begins

The players were going about their daily tasks when screams split the air. They rushed to aid their fellow villagers only to be confronted by a group of Goblins. Once the Goblins were vanquished, it was discovered that several families had been carried off by the greenskins, but to what end?


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